Critical alignment yoga and therapy institute (CAT-Y)
area: 424 м2
realisation: 2017-2019
city: Мoscow

The Customer is from Moscow whilst the creator of the Method of Yoga and Yoga Therapy of Critical Alignment and the head of his institute in Moscow, Gert van Leeuwen, is from Amsterdam. Therefore, the Scandinavian style came to the project naturally.

Our task was to create the headquarters of the Critical Alignment Yoga & Therapy method in Russia. The interior design style should be close to both Russians and guests from Northern Europe who visit seminars and conferences of the Yoga Journal level. To provide space not only for regular yoga and yoga therapy classes, but for teachers' training, conducting research based on the method, and for creating and developing the community as well.

Within a relatively small area, we placed all the necessary facilities and added interesting ideas. The layout develops from the social zone along the corridor axis, including 6 yoga rooms, a cafe, relaxation and communication zones, massage rooms, a mini-shop, changing rooms with showers, storage and service.
We capitalized on the difference in the floor levels and the former inconvenience performs now as the seating podium appreciated as the major social area.

The heart of the studio is a green wall with natural plants. In such a way we realized the dream of incorporating some nature into the interior, and now the Customers enjoy their our own mini-garden in the city center - firstly, it's just beautiful, and in addition, the plants clean the air and enrich it with oxygen.

The main focus when planning a studio was to create an atmosphere of trust, care and support. We wanted to create a space that meets the mission of the project: to help people regain their natural health, live a life in which joy, lightness, enthusiasm are the driving force of their actions.

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10 key ideas of CAT-Y

Functionally, the layout consists of two main groups designed and decorated in different ways: the area of communication and the area of yoga practice. We believe it helps easily nvagate and tune into practice. In the communication zone, the concrete of the pre-existing structure was polished and left exposed. Below we designed the pipelines of HVAC and line of lighting. In the halls where the visual comfort takes the lead, we - on the contrary – created refined surfaces finished with natural wood, white plaster and integrated lighting.

2. THE CONTRAST OF THE REFINED AND INDUSTRIAL: raw concrete and natural wood, underlined by accents of metal pipes.

3. FEEL AND TOUCH + SUSTAINABILITY - the main principles of the choice of materials. Local oak wood with a natural texture, exposed pre-existing concrete, massive stone slabs in the showers, smoky glass, polished stainless steel radiators — each element has been carefully selected and takes its stylish place in the overall concept.

4. LIGHT COMFORT AND EFFECTS. We payed special attention to lighting concept that was elaborated together with a specialist in electrical lighting design. Comfortable and integrated in the yoga rooms, accent in the transit zone, muffled in the rest zone - the electrical lighting is thought out almost scenographically. The quality and layout of lamps optimize the costs.
We used NATURAL LIGHT as much as it was possible. All the yoga rooms for group classes favor panoramic windows from floor to ceiling. In the center of the corridor we introduce extensional glass partitions with a gradient of transparency - this is how daylight enters the corridor, while the visual comfort of the people in the hall stays preserved.

5. NATURE IN THE INTERIOR. The heart of the interior is the green wall with natural plants.

6. SIMPLE GEOMETRIC FORMS, based on ERGONOMICS, which organize the space.

7. ACOUSTICS. Sound absorption and sound insulation of the rooms, social and transition areas are designed according to the calculations of acoustic engineers.

8. BUILT-IN FURNITURE and STORAGE ORGANIZATION. Props storage for classes is a unique detailed project with a special aesthetics.

9. SCANDINAVIAN FURNITURE AND COLOR SCHEME. Comfortable and functional furniture from natural materials, calm colors. It was a major task from the Customer to use modest color scheme to take care of the people sensitive to color contrasts.

10. CONNECTION WITH HOLLAND - THE DUTCH LINK. To create the visual reference to the Home Country of the Method and it's Creator we added contemporary Delft Blue porcelain items and playful lamps in the shape of milk bottles as well produced in Netherlands. (A bike under the ceiling might be possible, but that's the future.)

Сердце студии - живая фитостена, вокруг которой расположилась диванная зона.
В коридоре бетон конструктива отполировали и оставили открытым. Ниже прошли трассы коммуникаций и освещения.
В центре коридора установлена стеклянная перегородка с градиентом прозрачности - так в коридор попадает дневной свет, при этом зрительный покой людей в зале сохранен.
Организация хранения пропсов для занятий - отдельный детальный проект с особой эстетикой.
Тактильная яркость и экологичность - главные принципы выбора материалов.
Натуральный дуб с природной текстурой, бетон конструктива, дымчатое стекло, полированные радиаторы из нержавеющей стали – каждый элемент пристально отобран и занимает свое стильное место в общей концепции.
Трансформируемые перегородки разделяют большой зал на 2 малых
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