Letniy sad – Shopping Center - Interior design

gba: 12000 м2
year: 2017
city: Moscow

The project has been developed by Blank Architects сwith my direct participation as a leading architect.

Этот проект стал очень интересным и важным опытом совместного проектирования в сотрудничестве со старейшим архитектурным объединением ТПО «РЕЗЕРВ».

The specified task included re-thinking of the existing project of residential complex (RC) "Summer Sad" with the built-in three-storeyed Trading Center in substructure. The name "RC Letny Sad" was assigned as well for the Trading Center. Historically at this place the "All-Russia agriculture and test engineering institute" was located which assumed landscape territory that reflected the perimeter of main highway. At present Dmitrovskoe shosse (highway) is separated from Residential Complex by tree belt area.

Bright and compound drawing of RC Summer Sad facades designed by colleagues from TPO "REZERV" has set the light-handed and introspective approach for creation of faсade context and building plan of Trading Center.

The interiors are filled with light and in their idea reflect the landscape historical context of the site and the Summer Garden brand philosophy, creating associations with delicate shades of flowers in pastel colors. Due to the large openings and glazing in the gallery a lot of natural light.
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