Kazan – Shopping Center
gba: 70 000 м2
gla: 45 000 м2
year: 2015
city: Kazan

The project has been developed by Blank Architects with my direct participation as a leading architect.

This shopping center is located in the center of the city, near a popular recreation zone - Millennium Park, central plaza, and the Lake Nizhny Kaban embankment. This place is important for the locals, so the main task was to provide them with a good place to go shopping and have fun.

The shopping center contains many functions – a shopping mall, entertainment, and recreation spaces. They are all integrated with one another, so visitors will feel comfortable spending a lot of time there. The façade composition is based on the long horizontal lines of the elevations, and shows the smooth shape of the building. These long elevation stripes are completely glazed to provide more natural light to the interior. Thick white cornices emphasize the smooth shape. The façade is covered with thin colorful slabs, which changes the facade view from different angles. In this case, the façade looks interesting and original from all different sides and is constantly changing as you walk along the shopping center.

The building layout is clear – it has one closed gallery and two lines of boutiques – one inside and one outside. The main atrium and galleries have an open roof, which provides more natural light to the whole building. As a result, a unique public space was created. It is focused on a family audience and leisure for children and it was planned to attain maximum profitability and make a strong impression on customers.
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