Vauxhall. The missing link
plot area: 126 га
year: 2013
city: London

The project has been developed by Blank Architects with my direct participation as a leading architect.

A new Urban Design, Landscape, Architecture, and Public Realm competition for Vauxhall, on London's South Bank, organized by RIBA.

Curiosity Garden, is a mixture of Art and Design, Culture and History, all interwoven with the Thames River and the surrounding natural greenery. Our plan was to infuse the area with a vibrant and lively energy. Vauxhall is quickly becoming a 24hr hot spot in London; things are happening night and day.

We've arranged a colorful bunch of open air events and exhibitions. In addition, we've organized an outdoor cinema, along with theaters, street festivals and exhibitions. Also we've added a few retail shops, restaurants, pubs and coffee bars along the railway tunnels.

+7 (916) 217-18-60
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