Mari – Shopping Center interior
common use area: 20 000 м2
realisation: 2015
city: Moscow

The project has been developed by Blank Architects with my direct participation as a leading architect.

The Interior for the five-story shopping mall, where the main element was an atrium with an enormous skylight above the entrance zone.
The name "MARI" for the mall was chosen by the Client. We followed along with the idea and look at the building as at MARIa – a girl, a lady and a woman - all in one.

The circle plan became the ornament of the interior design. we capitalized on that idea as well and used the circle as the main shape for the interiors. They change in shapes, sizes and colors with each floor. The main atrium is full of colors and circle elements.

There's a real mix of colors, and materials: tile, metal, wood, graphics, and furniture on the third floor in the food court area. In the middle, we designed wooden 3D trees that branch out above different seating areas. Lighting elements add brightness to the area where the skylights are missing. We placed simple but different-styled seating on a very colorfully designed floor. To make it cozier we added natural greenery.

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